The GEHAMS HO layout occupies a 37 X 110 foot room on the third floor of the commercial building J.J. Newberry's in downtown Bakersfield, California.
The layout has over 848 feet (14 scale miles) of mainline track that cross mountains, valleys, river canyons, and hillsides between the large classification yards and engine facilities located at “Bakersfield” and “Mojave”. 

There is a strong Santa Fe and Southern Pacific influence to the railroad property. The scenery depicts the landscapes typical of southern California with citrus orchards, oilfields, small towns and industrial facilities such as petroleum refineries and loading racks, packing sheds, lumber yards, cattle pens, warehouses, and manufacturing businesses. There is a one mile branch line that serves the rich agricultural town of Norman. 

Operations are point to point over a single-track mainline that has 5 passing sidings and 2 return loops that allow continuous running. The layout is designed to run along two-sided peninsulas so that the trains traverse separate scenes along the way. The railroad has 160 spotting points to serve 44 customers during operating sessions.
    The layout has been under construction since 1997 and was expanded in 2010 to include a large 7-track passenger station with REA Express, US mail and LCL freight station facilities. A passenger yard was also constructed to service trains between runs. In 2013, intermodal and automobile yards were added near “Bakersfield“ to operate these high priority trains. Additional improvements and upgrades are ongoing. 

The layout uses a Digitrax radio command system, supported by 4 NCE 10 amp  boosters and home built power supplies. The layout upgraded to the new duplex system with a DCS240 command station which accommodates the layout to allow both tethered and radio control of  trains.

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Passenger Station 

BFD Main Yard

 Round House and Engine Service Facility

Mountain Pass


Branch Line


Daylight On The GEHAMS HO Layout

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  Larry Saslaw's Daylight Running On The GEHAMS HO Layout......