save 37.5% - 1st 6 months of Reg/sen membership - $25

Membership - How to join

  If you decide that you would like to join the club, 

  1. You need to fill out an application, then...
  2. turn it in to be considered by the membership at the next scheduled business meeting, or by visiting the club on most any Saturday.... attach/enclose the PDF to an E-mail or snail mail 

  • During the first six months the applicant should attend at least 3 Wednesday night business meetings and 8 regularly scheduled Saturday work or run sessions.
  • After the applicant has met the business meeting and work/run session attendance requirements listed above, a vote is taken by the members at the next scheduled monthly business meeting.
  • If the membership votes in favor of the applicant, he/she then becomes a member under the class membership that they applied for. 

A one-time initiation fee of $20 is collected at that time. 

  • The member then starts paying monthly dues associated with the class membership that they applied for.

Club Dues:

  • Regular Member - $40.00/month
  • Senior Member - $40.00/month
  • Associate Member - $20.00  month (must live more than 25 miles from clubhouse)
  • Student - $15.00/month
  • Junior Member (ages under 17) - $5.00 / month